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Estate Planning

Schinder Law has decades of experience preparing estate plans for their clients in Hollywood, Florida and the greater South Florida area.  Mr. Schinder assists his clients with the distribution of the real and personal property in their estates – the assets that make up a person’s net worth.  The objective of good estate planning is to protect those assets and maximize the value of the estate.

The Law Office of Barry S. Schinder, P.A., provides comprehensive estate planning services with the goal of maximizing the estate assets through carefully created estate plans that reflect the unique wishes and needs of the people he represents.  With an advanced Masters of Law degree in Taxation, and considerable experience with the Department of Estate and Gift Taxation with the Internal Revenue Service, Mr. Schinder offers sound advice on wills, living trusts, retirement plans, life insurance policies, charitable donations, durable financial powers of attorney, family trust agreements, and of course, minimizing or eliminating state and federal tax liability.  There are many aspects to estate planning, beyond just executing a will or trust agreement.  A knowledgeable estate planning attorney will guide you through the process, which includes, but is not limited to:

  • Selecting a Personal Representative (Executor)
  • Business planning
  • Designating beneficiaries and contingent beneficiaries
  • Identifying probate assets
  • Identifying non-probate assets
  • Making charitable bequests
  • Making specific bequests of tangible property
  • Designating a Health Care Surrogate
  • Distributions to special needs family members
  • Retirement plans

The Florida legal system provides many tools for people to get their affairs in order and plan for the future distribution of their wealth.  Typically a trust is not a substitute for a will, but rather, another legal document that may be used as part of the estate plan, in addition to a will.  Whereas a trust will only control the property that is legally placed into the trust, a will controls all the property in the name of the decedent at the time of death.

Hollywood, Florida Estate Planning Attorney Barry S. Schinder, P.A.

An experienced Estate Planning attorney knows how to create, maintain, and update an estate plan so that the client’s specific wishes are carried out in accordance with the law.  A comprehensive estate plan protects beneficiaries and family members, makes provisions to manage a person’s finances and healthcare needs in the event the person becomes incapacitated, and efficiently moves through probate.

The Law Office of Barry S. Schinder, P.A., provides expert advice on the best ways to create peace of mind for you and your family through a well thought out estate plan that preserves your financial assets through retirement and provides guidance to your family in the event of your death.

Hollywood, Florida Estate Planning Attorney